Updated: 11/26/2020

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  • Gods of god, Zeus, was went to hospital and found the best doctor in the hospital. and the doctor tell him, he get a little be hospital in the kidney
  • - Zeus was very angry, because he definitely think his kidney was the strongest kidneyin the world. So he want to all the hospitals in the world to disappear.Then he chanted the spell, all hospitals are disapper in the world, in the 1000 years , people are forgot the hospital and adapted hospitals in the world
  • - Aftera long time, people forgot to what is hospital and adapted to didn’t have hospital in the world. Except onewoman, he was called Leto. her hobby is sleep, everytime she fell asleep, she won.t sleep until 1000 years later. She didn’t know what happened in this 1000 years.Oneday, she woke up and she felt her stomach ache, she had feeling that she ispregnant, she must find a hospital to gave birth to the baby.
  • - butshe couldn’t find the hospital inthis world now. “whereis hospital ?”she asked a old woman, “what is hospital ?”the old woman said it.
  • where is hospital ?
  • what is hospital ?
  • - Thispoor mother was in despair, “ what happen for you, my dear sister ?” Her sister happen in front of her, “Oh! My dear sister, Do you know where ishospital ?” Leto asked her sister.“ I am so sorry, I don’t what is and where is hospital, but I myhost want to give this thing, he think this thing can help you, good luck mysister.” She give a wood box toLeto, then she disappear. This box is a powerful box, because this box can helpperson to back to before.
  • - Finally,Leto used the ability from the box to back to before, she was smooth productiontwo babies, a baby call Apollo, he is God of Sun, and other one is Artemis, sheis God of Moon
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