Immune System Comic

Updated: 1/7/2021
Immune System Comic

Storyboard Text

  • The tax collector is the pathogen entering the body (house) to steal nutrients (money).
  • Oh No! The Tax Collector has come for Tax Fraud Johnson's money!
  • Sweat is a first line of defense because of its high pH level.
  • Gross
  • Thankfully, Tax Fraud Johnson sweats. A lot.
  • The pathogen has made it's way past the first line of defense, into the body, through an open wound in the skin (open door to hornet room).
  • But the Tax Collector wades through and breaks into the secret hornet room!
  • ...hornet Room?
  • These hornets represent Leukocytes, the second line of defense. These are non-specific attackers.
  • Yes, hornet room. But they don't seem to be enough...
  • The attack dogs represent Lymphocytes. As the pathogen has not made its way into a cell, these would be B Cells, specific killers that produce antibodies (bad dog breath) to kill invaders.
  • The tax collector seeking attack dogs oughta do it!
  • Looks like Tax Fraud Johnson did it again. . .
  • The Lymphocytes will now be better able to recognize this type of pathogen (tax collector) in the future!