Updated: 5/6/2019

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  • Chapter 18
  • Chapter 19
  • Chapter 20
  • When he arrives at Kwajalein, Louie is taken to a building in which he is interrogated by the Japanese. They ask him about the plane he flies and technology inside of it such as the Norden bombsight.
  • Chapter 21
  • While being transferred from Kwajalein, Louie is put in an Officer's cabin. He discovers a bottle of sake. Throughout the trip, he drinks very little amounts until accidentally drinking it all.
  • Chapter 22
  • Harris! You have to see this map! The Allies are winning!
  • Upon finding out that he is an Olympic runner, guards at Ofuna begin to make Louie run against Japanese runners. In one race, Louie wins and is immediately clubbed.
  • Chapter 23
  • After invading Kwajalein, an American pilot, Joe Deasy, finds a document about the island encountering two crash survivors in a raft. Joe instantly believes that these two men were Louie and Phil.
  • Louie begins to steal maps from certain officials in the camp. His friend, Bill Harris, memorizes the maps to make an escape plan. From the maps, they soon discover that the Allies are encroaching on Japan.
  • Louie and some other survivors are transferred to Omori, a POW camp on a barren island near Tokyo. Upon arrival, Louie is introduced to Mutsuhiro "The Bird" Watanabe, the brutish corporal at the camp. He takes a specific interest in torturing Louie.
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