Chemistry Storyboard Covalent Bonding
Updated: 2/24/2020
Chemistry Storyboard Covalent Bonding

Storyboard Text

  • Covalent electron bonding is very similar to marriage. Two or more people who are married, share everything, just like covalent bonds share their electrons with one another.
  • This husband and wife, share the bathroom. The wife brushes her teeth while the husband uses the toilet.
  • This is very similar to how covalent bonds stabilize themselves by sharing their electrons with one another, allowing for a bond to form which links them together
  • This couple's goal is to both finish dinner full and satisfied. In the same retrospect, the goal of all elements in a covalent bond is to achieve an octet state, where each element has 8 electrons total, while sharing all of them.
  • This couple will share their dinner together, just like how O2 will share its 12 valence electrons total in a linear double bond.
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