The Riccall mystery - Harry Tallick

Updated: 10/7/2021
The Riccall mystery - Harry Tallick

Storyboard Text

  • The start...
  • battle of fulford
  • how we know that they were vikings
  • The King and a few of his trusted men had been tipped off that an invasion was being prepared from the South. The King expected war!but really normans were coming from the north.
  • 5 days later (the battle of stamford bridge)
  • Harold godwinson was expecting an attack from the south but the never came so he disbanded his troops but a large Norwegian army came in from the north and took England by surprise and beet them in the battle of Fulford.
  • the battle of stamford 2
  • we know they were vikings because of the calcium in there teeth, scientists have discovered that if you take someones teeth out then through the calcium in there teeth and the water the have drunk through the years with modern day tech we can find out were they come from.
  • the battle of stamford 3
  • the Norwegians were celebrating on there win at fulford and had left there armer at the battle ground. but as soon as king Harold herd of the invasion he gathers all his troops and more and galloped there as fast as he could. then the army was upon them but the only thing that separated the English king from the Norwegians was the river delland apart from a tiny bridge.
  • that was graded by a Norwegian soldier but after he had sleigh 40 men he got stabed from underneath the bridge so now the English came rushing through to greet the norwegians but the English out numbers them 3\1 before the battle commenced Harold went to ask his brother what he would get and Harold said that he could have 7ft of land for a grave and with that the battle commenced the English advancing very quickly. after a phew hours of battling the Norwegians lost as they surrendered more troops came but they were to late to safe there king.
  • so they tried to retreat to the ships butthe saxons foloud and court them and killed them were they stood no care if there were women or children and thought people that were slain on that beach are the riddle bones and that beach is the riccle beach. and that is how it happened.