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Romeo and Juliet (Act 3, scene 5)
Updated: 2/21/2020
Romeo and Juliet (Act 3, scene 5)
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  • Ur leaving? But its still night-time! The bird we just heared was the nightingale.
  • Yea *sigh* ur right. Bye bae. Idk when is the next time I'll see u.....
  • Girl, chill. It's the morning! ILY but I gotta zoom outta here b4 I get killed!
  • U r still crying for Tybalt? Well, dont worry we will hire someone for Romeo later! I have great news for u Juliet!
  • Ur awesome dad got u to marry the rich businessman, Paris!
  • No Mom! I dont wanna marry him. Periodt.
  • What is it?
  • Hey hun'! Juliet over here doesnt seem to want the wedding!
  • I LOVE romeo!
  • Dad Im happy that u got me a manz but im also upset that u did find one.
  • What r u talking about, u spoiled brat?
  • WHAT? How could u?! I got u the richest man!
  • Juliet and Romeo are on one of their secret meetings and Juliet doesnt want Romeo to leave, but he has to leave at the break of dawn.(Lines 43-68)
  • Dont call her that honey!
  • Sir, ur being unreasonable.
  • Dad, Im begging u! Plz listen to me!
  • If u dont attend the wedding, I will disown u !
  • Juliet starts to cry and her mom comes in assuming that she is sad about the recent death of Tybalt. Mrs Capulet then tells Juliet about her upcoming wedding.(Lines 85-123)
  • Well Juliet, tbh I think Paris would be better. He is rich, charming, and doesnt look like a Demogorgon! Romeo is irrelevant rn.
  • Ofc I am.
  • R u dead serious?
  • Nurse help me! Give advice plz!
  • After Juliet refuses, Mr Capulet comes in and hears about her refusal. Let's just say he is not happy about it...(Lines 125-157)
  • Ok, go ahead and tell mom im going to Mr Laurence.
  • That old woman ugh! She is so FAKE! I'm never spillin' tea to her ever again!
  • *Exits*
  • Ight, good idea.
  • Mr Capulet gets really angry and threatens to disown his daughter. The Nurse defends Juliet but was shut down by him.(Lines 158-175)
  • Shut up old woman!
  • Mr and Mrs Capulet leave. Juliet then asks for advice but didnt expect what she got from the Nurse. (Lines 205-231)
  • ??
  • Well thanks alot nurse...
  • Juliet asks te Nurse to go do something and she leaves. Then Juliet decided that she is never sharing her secrets to the Nurse.(Lines 232-243)
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