ch. 13-21 Strausbaugh
Updated: 5/8/2020
ch. 13-21 Strausbaugh

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  • ch.12: the first bomb
  • ch. 13: the second bomb
  • ch. 16: the third bomb
  • The first bomb went off at the Theodorakis coffee shop. It went off while the heirs were having a meeting. Mrs, Theodorakis ran out of the coffee shop where the bomb happened covered in tomato sauce. Some of them think it went of cause of the heat of the oven but others thought there was a real bomb.The heirs that were present were like all of them because they were have a meeting.
  • ch. 21: the fourth bomb
  • The second bomb went off at Shin Hoo's restaurant. It went off while the heirs were all having dinner there together. The bomb went off right when Sydelle went in to compliment them on the food and Sydelle got hurt.
  • The third bomb was at Angela's bridal shower. It turned out that the third bomb was in a present. The police came to investigate for his bomb and now everyone knows that someone is a bomber, and theif, and a murderer. Angela got hurt by this bomb because well it was her gift it was in.
  • The fourth bomb took place in an elevator of Sunset Towers. This time the bomber is caught though because there is a sign that says BOMBER STRIKES AGAIN that turtle wrote. In this chapter tons of people are confessing that they have a connection with Sam Westing.Others are also saying ways that it could have not been them who in the bomber.
  • boom boom boom