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social studies project: evolution of people.
Updated: 10/3/2019
social studies project: evolution of people.
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  • Paleolithic Times
  • agricultural revolution
  • Neolithic age
  • at first people had barely anything, the men had to move as the animals moved to harvest the meat of the animals. The women and children collected vegetables and wild fruit, and built temporary shelters.
  • Surplus of food
  • so much food!
  • and so many more children!
  • By about 8000 B.C.E., some people had learned how to raise animals and crops for food. This knowledge made it so these people could live in one place. The Neolithic Age had begun.
  • Law and rules
  • I'm sorry for killing your cows!
  • I'm sorry for killing your cows!
  • The humans began to make communities and permanent shelters and homes for growing families. they also made more children and food for bigger families. people also started to take on different jobs, like hunting (meat gatherers) and farming (crop gatherers).
  • Trading
  • Some groups developed different ways to farm. For example, In Central America, people grew cotton along with food crops like corns and beans. They used cotton to make fishing nets along with cloth. There was also a large population boost and a lot more thrive children because there was so much food for everybody. By 2500 B.C.E. there were thriving settlements in present-day Central America and Peru.
  • People began to make laws and rules that people had to follow. For example, if somebody killed someones cows or live stock, they would be hung or put in jail. This made it so the communities didn't have as many bad people and more people that don't cause trouble. People also had ranks and there was Inequality where some people had more and some people had less.
  • NO!
  • 3000 B.C.E., when people learned to make tools out of metal instead of stone. During this time, farming developed in many places throughout the world. people also began trading items with each other. For example, a farmer would trade some wheat to the black smith if the blacksmith gave him a hoe or an axe.
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