Flight of Icarus comic
Updated: 12/14/2020
Flight of Icarus comic

Storyboard Text

  • How dare you make that manataur creature!?! YOUR BANISHED!
  • Don´t worry, I have an idea
  • How are we ever going to escape?
  • You need to get lots of feathers and I will get wax
  • Icarus watched as his dad put together the feathers and soon had mad two pairs of wings
  • Now when we fly, dont fly to low or the wings will get wet but dont fly to high or the wax will melt
  • Now we watch the birds so we can learn to fly
  • Icarus! NO!
  • The wax melted and Iarus fell into the ocean, daedalus managed to survive but had regret about what happed in the sky.
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