science class comic

Updated: 6/15/2021
science class comic

Storyboard Text

  • HI my name is Sun and i'm going to introduce you to my friends that live with me here in space!
  • Hi my name is Neptune and im the farthest away from the sun so i dont get to see her alot aside from that im the third biggest planet and the most dense
  • Hi my name is jupiter and im the 5th planet away from and the largest among my friends (the rest of the planets
  • Hi my name is Saturn and i'm the 6th farthest planet away from the sun and the 2nd largest planet among my friends
  • Hi! my name is Pluto and i'm a dwarf planet! Unlike most planets i live in the kuiper belt. So I've never even really met sun. I bet she is really nice we have pen palled but that's it!
  • hey there! My name is Mars i'm the second smallest planet in my solar system and the 4th planet away from the sun i hear people call me the "red planet"i love having a nickname !!