double dutch
Updated: 4/8/2021
double dutch

Storyboard Text

  • He getting out of the hospital today!!
  • thats great Randy
  • Im going to see my dad today
  • Next stop: hospital
  • Randy, your father is ready to see you
  • Ok! Thank you
  • *1 month later*Randy told Delia that he is going to see his father today and getting him out of the hospital.
  • DAD!
  • RANDY!!!!!
  • Randy got on the bus and headed to the hospital.
  • So how have you been?
  • Im good but i really missed you.
  • He waited in the waiting room for what had felt like an hour.
  • His dad was sitting on the edge of the bed ready to go home.
  • They got into a taxi and headed home.
  • *3 hours later* They were hanging out. Delia and Yolanda came over as well.