Unknown Story
Updated: 4/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • who's name should I write for prom ?...
  • lets both right her name on the paper
  • do you dare write my name on the paper
  • ........
  • Greg's school have a dance prom and the teacher tell student to put the person's name that they wan to be with on the paper.
  • you guys going to be partner with each other.
  • Greg was trying to put the most famous girl in school on the paper but the girl was warning him and told him DO NOT PUT MY NAME ON THAT PAPER!
  • lets be partner at the real prom
  • So Greg didn’t put her name because that girl warned him. After that Greg didn’t pick anybody and none of the girls picked him.
  • Danceeeee
  • so the teacher had him dance with a boy.
  • OK
  • Later when the real dance prom came up he danced with a boy for real because they are good at being partners with each other.
  • danceeeee