Chapter 8- Time of the Butterflies Presentation
Updated: 10/5/2018
Chapter 8- Time of the Butterflies Presentation
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Patria's Awakening

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  • My name is Patria. I am married to my beloved Pedrito Gonzalez. I am the mother of two children, my Nelson and my Noris. I am pregnant with my third child. A child that I will name Raul Ernesto...after a revolutionary.
  • The Awakening of Patria (CHAPTER 8) By: Cristal Ortiz
  • Patria is the eldest Mirabel sister... as well as the strongest and warmest sister of all. She aspired to be, at first a nun, for she believed in her faith until her doubts began to seep in. She later marries Pedrito and settles. In Chapter 8, Patria goes through a character development as she questions her purpose.
  • By this point, my heart is in pieces. My family is divided. Who do I support my sisters or my Pedrito?
  • Patria's Conflicted Spirit and Soul
  • Household and Lifestyle Doubts
  • Lately, I have been debating whether my sturdy life that I have carried through for the past 18 years is still as safe. The sturdy ground that I have raised my family on... is slowly dissolving.
  • My sisters Minerva and Maria Teresa are now officially involved within the underground rebellion under their code names of Mariposas. My husband and I are now having problems due to peer pressure of the rebellion.
  • The 14th of June
  • " "Get Down, son! Get Down!" His eyes found mine just as the shot hit him square in the back. I saw the wonder on his young face as the life drained out of him, and I thought, Oh my God, he's one of mine! " (In The Time Of The Butterflies. Alvarez, 162.)
  • On The 14th of June of the year 1959, I lived a life changing experience during my stay at a spiritual retreat in the mountains. My perspective changed when I saw a young man die, who could have been my dear Nelson, at the hands of Trujillo's people. Determination grew within my heart to join the movement of rebellion and the fight to freedom. I myself carried the young man down from the mountains with an ache in my heart. The Patria that went up that mountain is not the same one that came back down. 
  • Padre de Jesus Lopez
  • It is time for a change!
  • A Great Divide in Love
  • "You crazy, mujer, to invite them into the house! You want your sons to lose their patrimony, is that what you want?" (Alvarez, 165)
  • "If you had seen what I saw on that mountain...Ay, Pedrito how can we be true Christians and turn our back on our own brothers and sisters-" (Alvarez, 166)
  • Nelson
  • "So it was that our house became the motherhouse of the movement." (ALvarez, 166.) In our home we started the revolution by storing ammunition and warfare within boxes. We hid them where we could and planted the seeds of revolution in the farm fields of our family. The majority of the family is involved in the revolution except Dede and her husband.
  • Bombs and Guns for Love and Freedom
  • Pedrito
  • Patria
  • Noris
  • Raul Ernesto
  • Manolo
  • Manolito
  • Minerva
  • Leandro
  • I am the mother of Las Mariposas. It worries my heart for their safety, but family stays together.
  • Maria Teresa
  • Jaimito
  • Dedé
  • Fighting For a Future!
  • On January 21st, 1960, we plan to carry the final points of our plan. We plan to fight for the justice that Trujillo does not give us. WE know the risks and WE have accepted such risks. Viva La Revolucion!
  • At this moment, my family is focused in fighting a fight for freedom. A fight against the evil that Trujiillo has brought into the Dominican Republic. We will fight in order to gain justice.
  • Pedrito does not agree one bit with what my sisters are doing. He says to join the rebellion is too dangerous and risky. Especially with Trujillo's state confiscating all property that has to do with the rebellion that is against his power. Our relationship is going down hill due to our dividing perspectives towards the movement, but in the end we made up our differences.
  • Minou
  • Jacqueline
  • "From those seeds of destruction, we would soon-very soon-harvest our freedom." (Alvarez, 168.) I, Patria, believe that Justice will soon ring throughout the land.
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