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Updated: 9/28/2020
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  • The setting of the gift of magi" is depicted as a very poor apartment building that they live in. living off $20 dollars a week with a apartment that costs $8 a wekk. You could assume the condition of the apartment by just knowing the price.
  • Della and James cared about each other more than their most prized possessions. They chose to sell their materials that they loved like james watch and bella's hair. They sold them both for a present for their loved one.
  • The irony behind the story is called situational irony. This kind of irony means that the opposite happened of what james and Della intended. For example James sold his watch to buy Della a comb for her hair. Della however sold her hair to buy James a chain.
  • The conflict James and Della face is called "Character vs. Society". I say this because the 2 main characters dont live near to a wealthy life living off $20 a week. Their apartment costs them $8 a week which really says about the condition of the apartment.
  • The characters had multiple feelings as the story went on. Della was guilty for being cheap and not wanting to spend her money. Della was also excited for finding the gift for James. She also felt nervous showing her husband her cut hair after she sold it. James was astonished after seeing her hair was cut.
  • Plot diagram: Della was nervous of what James thought of her cut hair. Climax: They both realize they sold each others prized materials to go along for each others now sold possessions.Falling action: They we about to reveal each other's presents Della and james got their christmas presents in the end.
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