Unknown Story
Updated: 11/25/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Awake in peace, great god.
  • God, I hope you can accept our heart.Can help we can make better.Thank you !!!
  • God, I hope you can hear my voice. I pray every day. I hope I can meet the right man.
  • How come it's me again? It's me every time
  • Zahra, please tell me what we are.
  • OK, I say.We are the children of God, we should be grateful to God, should not over exploitation of nature, we give things are God's gift, we should cherish
  • Nice.
  • Too many books.
  • How can there be so many books? It's hard to be a best priest.
  • Two excellent priests, if you want to be the best, you need to finish reading these books. It's not much, but it's compulsory
  • OOOh,my god!!
  • In the morning, when the sun first rises, every priest goes to the sanctuary to pray and perform rituals, and the priest needs to bring breakfast and some clothes to God. If the priest keeps the food away, it means that God has finished his food.
  • Whoosh~
  • The sanctuary was sealed before the Pharaoh's daily visit. Now Zahra practices recitation with other priests and Pharaon. This will make her a better person and learn from a better priest.
  • Dear courtiers, your great contribution to the whole of Egypt will be rewarded in the afterlife. God, I hope you can hear us
  • Woo woo, I hope you can live well in the world we can't see. We will always remember you.
  • After reciting, Zahra came to the largest library here to learn what the best priests should have and what they needed to read
  • I went to bed first. If someone came to me, I would say I was asleep. Don't disturb me. Thank you
  • OKOK.
  • By noon, she has just finished Chinese food and is sleeping now. This time is the best time to replenish physical strength, because there is work in the afternoon.
  • Next, Zahra presided over the funeral of a minister whose family hoped that he would have a good life on God's side.
  • I hope you can have a good time with God
  • In the evening, because she was too tired, she went to bed directly, but there was no need to worry about her danger, because there would always be slaves guarding her.