The Suffrage Parade
Updated: 2/11/2020
The Suffrage Parade
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  • So where will the march take place and what date will it be?
  • It will be in Washington D.C. on March 13, 1913. This is going down in the history books history books, Girl!
  • Do you have any ideas for how we could protest so that we can more easily grab the public's attention?
  • We should march down the streets of D.C. while dressed up as heroine like figures and other eye catching costumes while also holding up signs and chanting phrases that support our cause.
  • So, what do you think would make for great signs to march with during the parade? Also we should definitely get some colored girls in the march as well, they deserve much better.
  • For protest signs, I think we should go for things like: "Why must us maidens be relegated as mere servants to men!" or "Why must a government who doesn't give us a voice, speak for us?"
  • The Suffrage Parade was the first women's rights protest to occur in the United States. This protest was advocating for women to have the right to vote and run office. It also advocated for the equal treatment of women as well.
  • Give us our rights now, not tomorrow!
  • We refuse to not have a voice in our government and be subservient to men!
  • Ladies, what y'all are doing is an unlawful disturbance of the peace, you need to stop now!
  • One of the many things that the Suffrage Parade was known for its standout and bold protesters. It was also known for its energetic and brash tone the demonstrations were held in. As mentioned in the image above many of the protesters dressed up as heroine like figures, wore promiscuous clothing, and sometimes even rode on horses.
  • We demand our rights as promised by the constitution of this great nation that have been denied to us maidens for far too long!
  • America for Maidens' rights!
  • During the march, many people carried signs that shared their grievances about how the government doesn't give a voice to American women. Many of these signs talked about the glaring hypocrisy shown by former US President, Woodrow Wilson. They also carried signs exclaiming that America should give women suffrage as it would truly make it democratic.
  • Men have dominated our lives for long enough, we demand to be given true freedom!
  • What must us maidens do to finally be bestowed our god given rights?
  • What are you women think your doing out here protesting? You people are supposed to be making me a sandwich and taking care of little Jimmy!
  • Here we see two suffragettes protesting in front of Capital Hill. We also see a police officer demanding that they disperse as they see it as a disturbance of the peace. Law enforcement as a whole either clamped down on the protests or gave them little protection.
  • Here we see three suffragettes protesting in front of the White House. They are chanting about how women have gone for too long without having any of the guaranteed rights in the constitution. They are in front of the White House as to hopefully persuade the president into joining their cause.
  • Here we see two suffragettes protesting down a neighborhood in Washington D.C. as they are holding up signs advocating for the rights of women in America. They are confronted by a man who finds the protests to be outrageous and exclaims that the only place for them in society is in the home. During the parade, large mobs of white men who were angered at the sight of women protesting, screamed, cussed, and in many cases beat the protesters.
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