The Hitchhiker
Updated: 12/21/2020
The Hitchhiker

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  • He has a small ratty-faced man with grey teeth. His eyes are dark and quick and clever, like rat's eyes, and his ears are slightly pointed at the top. He has a cloth cap on his hand and he is wearing a greyish-coloured jacket with enormous pockets. The grey jacker, together with the quick eyes and the pointed ears, made him look more than anything like some sort of a huge human rat.
  • BMW
  • 1 I'll bet 'ee ain't got it all written down in 'is memory as well. I've never known a coppper yet with a decent memory. Some of 'em can't aven remember their own names.
  • 2 what's memory got to do with it? It's written down in his book, isn't it?
  • So you're a pickpocker.
  • 3 Yes, guv'nor, it is. But the trouble is, 'ee's lost the book. 'He's lost both books, the one with my name in it and the one with yours.
  • I don't like that word, It's a coarse, and vulgar word. Pickpockets is coarse and vulgar people who only do easy little amateur jobs. They lift money from blind old ladies.
  • I'm a fingersmith. I'm a professional fingersmith.
  • Michael Fishfourteen, windsor lane, luton
  • And do you mind telling me exactly what speed you were doing just now?...One hundred and twenty miles per hour! that's fifty miles an hour over the limit!
  • BMW
  • Michael
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