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rock travel pt2
Updated: 9/14/2020
rock travel pt2
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  • teleporter
  • farewell humans i wont miss
  • i don't know but it's a blessing they're leaving
  • what's a human?
  • take me home, you went backwards not forwards
  • teleporter
  • i am the first ever homo-sapien made, fear me you rocks? my name is emma
  • this lady crazy, but she's pretty cool, let's call her lucy
  • Later on in the day, they got to watch the slash and burn farming technique they heard so much about, where the people burned down trees/forest areas to make room for farms. Agriculture started to become a pretty big thing since it allowed them to stay in the same place longer since they didn’t have to always go out hunting.
  • it was so much fun
  • how was your trip?
  • As the two rocks said their goodbyes they made their way back into their teleporter, ready to tell the story of how they traveled back in time to see how life came to be on earth.
  • the end
  • When getting into their teleporter they accidentally stumbled into a different time period, finding a strange skeleton of what seemed to be one of the very first humans ever created. They decided to call it Lucy and then made their way back home.
  • rocks travel through time: early civilization
  • Once they got home they told stories to the younger rocklets about how they traveled through time to meet all these amazing people.
  • lame. next time we go to the Bahamas.
  • The End
  • until next time
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