Updated: 6/15/2020
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  • It was a typical Monday morning, the sun was gleaming through Lawshawns windows and the birds were chirping. He gets out of his bed and goes downstairs to get ready for another day of work.
  • Lawshawn grabs a cup of coffee before he leaves, gets in his car and drives to work. He works as a financial advisor so he must make sure he has a good reputation in order to keep his job. As Lawshan starts to arrive to work, he sees an unusual group of men he’s never seen before.
  • As Lawshan starts to arrive to work, he sees an unusual group of men he’s never seen before. He gets out of his van and heads towards the door of his workplace, as he does this the musculest one from the group of men approaches him. “Hi there,” the stranger says. “Is this your van,” he says as he points to Lawshawns car. “Yes it is”, Lwashawn replies. The muscular man proceeds to ask him more odd questions until he asks to borrow Lawshawns car. This is a very suspicious request but Lashawn didn’t mind he would be at work all day anyways.
  • I wonder what they needed my van for” and I wonder what they’re doing now
  • It was around lunch time when he heard there was a robbery at the bank across the street. Lawhsawn started to get worried, he worried that his van might have had something to do with it. His face flushed of color as he filled with a large amount of guilt.
  • Lawshawn started to get flustered so he decided to give the police a visit and find out if his vheical was involved in this situation by any chance. He comes in and tells the police what happened that very morning. As he does this, the lady at the front desk pulls up a security footage of the van and asked Lawshawn if that’s his license plate, and he said yes. These thiefs stole a bunch of money as well as Lawshawns are. He was told to come back a few days after they are done with the investigation. A few days pass Lawshawn returns to the police station but he sees the muscular man that robbed the bank a few days ago. They made eye contact, the muscular mad started to get out of the van with a grin on his face. To be continued… 
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