narrative 2
Updated: 6/22/2020
narrative 2
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  • As they ran to the entrance, the loud speaker turned on. “Flight 23A is now boarding!” a stern voice said. After a quick glance at their tickets, Josh realized that his plane was going to take off without him! He rushed as much as possible through security as his family trailed behind him. But, it was too late. The plane had already taken off. Josh shedded a tear. His birthday was officially ruined! Josh’s mom shared a quick smile. But why? She remembered that her friend had connections to the head of the airport! She quickly made a phone call and got their ticket to the next flight to New York. It was all gonna be okay after all.
  • It was the dawn of a new day. Josh had woken up just in time to witness the rising sun. He peeked out the blinds and eyed the ombre tints of magenta, orange, and amber yellow.
  • Yawning, he stretched his arms to the ceiling and strolled to the bathroom. It was a stunning Sunday morning and his dad hit upon a sudden idea that he would like them to try something different today. When hearing that, Josh couldn’t wait to do something special.
  • “Get ready Josh! We’re going to a baseball game in New York!” Dad exclaimed.
  • He grinned from ear to ear and raced his sister, Gracie, to the glimmering, white jeep parked outside. It was Josh’s sixth birthday and he couldn’t have been happier. Soon, he would find out what surprise his mom and dad had in store for him! As they drove, Josh stuck his head out the windows to feel the cool breeze hit his face. All of a sudden, he saw the shadow of an airplane was up above him. He realized that they were going to the airport!
  • Not long after, the family boarded the plane and flew their way to the Big Apple. When they finally arrived at the game, the bright stadium lights hit them. It was all so mesmerizing. Josh jumped up and down grasping his entry ticket while the crowd around him scattered to their seats. He scanned his surroundings and noticed that his mom was holding a sky blue box with shiny gold ribbon on it, creating just the perfect sized bow.
  • She walked towards him as he began to sit down. Suddenly, dad and Gracie joined in while singing Happy Birthday to him. At last they presented him with the box and all Josh did was smile in excitement. As he slowly unwrapped the ribbon and lifted the top of the box, Josh jumped to his feet to reveal the exclusive baseball which had been signed by his favorite baseball player! He took in the scent of the fresh leather on the ball and felt the red stitching on his fingertips. It was the best birthday ever!!
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