Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 6 teenage terrorists have planned and sworn they were going to kill archduke franz ferdinand and when he was dead they would kill themselves with poison.
  • The duke and his wife were on a drive around the town greeting fans not knowing that day was their lst day.
  • One of the boys saw his chance to kill them but got scared and ran off.
  • the second threw a bomb and the driver saw it so he sped up and it missed. but before he noticed he missed he had already drank his poison and found in a four inch deep pool of water. dead.
  • But..... the third teenager was waiting at a corner and as soon as the duke and his wife turned the corner they were both shot. The archduke in the neck and his wife in the stomach.
  • austria declared war on serbia. and in response, russia declared war on servia. this all cause WW1