Culminating task- Cristina Lazos
Updated: 5/1/2020
Culminating task- Cristina Lazos

Storyboard Text

  • Drop that gun Right now, This ain't fair and imma do something about it.
  • STOPP this is serious and t-t- goverment can hear u-us
  • Yes we do !
  • EVERYONE! We need to rebel against the government
  • Everything is gonna go just as planned they just need to trust me.
  • Hopefully this ends good ! (shaky voice)
  • This can't be possible
  • Im happy this plan to rebel turned okay.
  • This is not right look at all of the damage you did
  • You're right
  • Yes i know but you gotta understand it would be a better world if everyone showed their differences.
  • Everyone this worked, now we can show our differences !!
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