India and SW Asia: Rise of Nationalism
Updated: 12/11/2019
India and SW Asia: Rise of Nationalism
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  • WW1 Increase Nationalist Activity
  • "Take em out"
  • Gandhi
  • "l want to deal with issues in a peaceful manner."
  • Boycotts, Strikes, Salt Match
  • Let boycott from clothing stores.
  • Yeah!!!!!
  • Million Indians enlisted in British army in return promised reforms. Although the British promised, the Indians were treated like second / lower class people. Hindus and Muslim protested Rowlatt Acts with 10,00 Hindus and Muslims flocking to Punjab. British had been alamred and attacked thus leading to the Amritsar Massacre.
  • Turkey Becomes a Republic
  • After Massacre occurred, Gandhi emerges as leader of Independence movement. Gandhi had wanted to deal with issues peacefully with a religious approach to political activity. He had blended ideas of all major world religions.
  • Persia Becomes Iran
  • Look at these mighty buildings, roads, and industrial growth I established.
  • Gandhi had called upon Indians to boycott and strike against British for poor treatment. They boycotted most ntoably from clothes companies by waving their own clothes. Strikes involved Gandhi's weapons of Civil Obedience. In the dreadful year of 1930, The Salt March defied the hated Salt Acts.
  • Saudi Arabia keeps Islamic Traditions
  • We are going to stay loyal to our customs, religion and family ties.
  • After WW1, Ottoman Empire was forced to give up land. In 1919, Greek Soldiers invaded Turkey as Turkey was weak. However Mustafa Kenal led Turkish nationalists to fight back in 1922 and won.
  • After WW1, British tried to takeover Persia but no avail. Pahlavi, former officer became leader and deposed British. He established schools, built roads, promoted industrial growth etc.
  • As Turkey broke away from traditions as Saudi Arabia had strongly kept to it. Abdal-Azizibn Saud (member of once royal family) had wanted to remain loyal to customs, religion and family ties.
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