A Dolls House: Act 4 pt 2

Updated: 6/16/2021
A Dolls House: Act 4 pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • [Torvald lets Nora in and listens to why Nora has returned.]
  • Nora I do not appreciate how you left. I loved you whether you believe it or not and you absolutely crushed me and the kids hearts. And now you come back with no notice. Did you expect to stay with us in the house?
  • Torvald I came back to see the children. I know I said that they would be better off without me, but I just need to see their faces and make sure they are alright.
  • The kids are with their grandma for the next four days so you're stuck with me. Ms. Linde moved in next door, you should go visit her she talks about you a lot.
  • I was going to stay in a hotel but I would feel more comfortable staying in the house. Where are the kids?
  • [Over the next four days Nora has only had Torvald to talk to and she ends up enjoying his company. She starts to grow romantic feelings for him but doe not know how to react]
  • [Nora goes next door to tell Ms. Linde all about her new life and about her new relationship with Torvald.]
  • Now Nora, you know from experience Torvald isn't always who you expect him to be. You sound like you have a nice relationship with your new husband, do not ruin it my sweet Nora.
  • Hey Ms. Linde, I need your help. I have a lovely husband at home that loves me and treats me right, but ever since I came to visit the kids I have begun to miss Torvald. I really think he has changed nd if we get back together I will be able to see the kids. What should I do?
  • [Nora take Ms. Linde's advice and decides to cut her trip short. She does not want to get anymore attached to Torvald and seeing the kids jus might not help. Nora packs her bags and heads home.]
  • I just know I made the right decision. Ms. Linde has always been a big help even when I didn't realize. I know will be excited to see me home early, oh I do miss him dearly.