Updated: 9/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • As Rainsford sat there on the yacht no sounds were heard except the muffled throb of the engine that drove it swiftly through the darkness. Until someone fired a gun 3 times.
  • The external conflict of the story is General Zaroff and his minions against Rainsford. Zaroff plays a game of chase. Rainsford also has experience which is more of an opponent for Zaroff. The internal conflict is that Rainsford is thinking about his way of hunting because of the way Zaroff does his hunting.
  • Rainsford walked over towards the rail and leaned over at the same time the boat was turning making him fall overboard. The boat was speeding out of sight so he had to swim to shore.
  • When Rainsford jumps off the cliff, in hope of surviving, and after landing, he swims back to the chateau while General Zaroff inhabits.
  • Rainsford swims to land. General Zaroff has been looking for him for days but fail. Zaroff was playing hide and seek meaning Rainford was the prey and Zaroff was the predator.
  • Rainsford tells General Zaroff that he is a 'Beast at Bay.' This illustrates that rainsford isn't Zaroff's prey, but Zaroff is now Rainsford prey.