Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • Ghost of Marley
  • Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Scrooge is so mean
  • Marley's ghost warns Scrooge that, he should be a nicer and more positive person on Christmas and all through out the year and three ghost will arrive to teach him a lesson.
  • Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
  • The ghost of Christmas Past is about family and reveals Scrooge should take Christmas off and enjoy spending time with his friends and family.
  • Scrooge's Character Transformation
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present is about kindness and it shows that Scrooge is known for being a awful mean person when he could be known for being so kind to others.
  • Theme of "A Christmas Carol"
  • Not Tiny Tim!!!
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is about change and reveals Scooge should be a nicer person because he doesn't know whats going on in peoples lives.
  • In the beginning scrooge could be characterized as mean, At the end, Scrooge could be characterized as kind.
  • No no no no..
  • The fiction novel "A Christmas Carol" by Charels Dickens is about change and its never too late to change.
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