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dangerous game
Updated: 3/20/2019
dangerous game
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  • INTRODUCTION-Whitney and Rainsford are sailing to Rio to go hunting and they talk about what they hunt and how long they have been hunting for.
  • EXPOSTION-It became dark out so Whitney said his goodnights to Rainsford. Rainsford was smoking his pipe when he heard a loud noise which made him drop his pipe. When he reached for it he fell over board.
  • RISING ACTION-Rainsford finds himself on a island. He finds a castle and knocks on it and a big man answers named Ivan. After that he meets a man named general Zarof.
  • CLIMAX-Rainsford and Zarof talk about hunting. Zarof explains he did not wanna get bored of hunting so now he kills humans. Rainsford is sick to hear that and Zarof then proceeds to tell him he will be hunted and if he survives he will be set free.
  • FALLING ACTION-Rainsford runs a very far distance. Zarof tracks him while Rainsford hides in a tree. Rainsford injures Zarof's shoulder. Rainsford then kills Ivan with a trap.
  • CONCLUSION-Rainsford jumped into the sea to escape the pack. He snuck into Zarofs room and told him that the hunt is over and he killed Zarof.
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