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Updated: 2/7/2020
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  • You look like a Nazi.
  • Are you a Jew? You look like a Jew.
  • Okay so... I need eggs. 12 to be exact.
  • Till Thursday before sunrise.
  • How long do we have?
  • I promised I'd take care of them.
  • Give us the chicken.
  • Chapter 2: KOlya and Lev meet for the first time in the crosses. The first thing Kolya says to Lev sets the stage for his personality.
  • We can't go in there.
  • Why not? Please?
  • Wait them out. Take em by surprise.
  • Chapter 3: Lev and Kolya are taken to meet the Colonel, who is way more inviting than they had anticipated. The Colonel breaks the news that they have 6 days to get a dozen eggs for his daughters wedding cake.
  • Okay so what's the plan?
  • You're writing the Courtyard Hound.
  • Chapter 8: Kolya and Lev eventually find the rumored chicken coop only to find the old man dead and his grandson Vadin. Vadin is unwilling to give them the chicken at first but eventually gives in when he realizes he's going to die soon anyways.
  • No i'm not.
  • Chapter 13: Lev is getting tired and wants to rest in a farmhouse they are passing by. Kolya advises against it but they manage to get inside anyways.
  • Chapter 15: Kolya and Lev are waiting for the Einstatzgruppen to arrive to ambush them and free the girls. before they can do so a group of partisans came and killed the Nazis.
  • Chapter 17: Lev figures it out that The Courtyard hound is not actually a published book, and Ushakovo is not a real person. Lev figures out Kolyas fear, embarrassment.
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