Eng AA2

Updated: 10/12/2021
Eng AA2

Storyboard Text

  • Are you ready to practice driving?
  • Yep, We do this every weekend.
  • vrrm
  • Let's review everything you need to do to start the car.
  • Yes Ma'am, Turn the ignition key to start the car.
  • vrrm
  • Then?
  • Put the right foot on the footbrake and release the handbrake
  • Very Good!
  • After that, put the shifter into drive and slowly release the brake pedal to move
  • We then go to any destination we want whilst following traffic rules.
  • Okayyyy! our destination today is the market in Puan. DId you bring your student permit?
  • Yes Ma! It's in my wallet.
  • Let's GO!