iranian revolution
Updated: 5/8/2020
iranian revolution

Storyboard Text

  • The Persian Empire at it's peak stretched from Greece...
  • to Egypt. The Persian Empire had roads, a postal system, and even an official language.
  • People within the Empire developed the first monotheistic religion called Zoroastrianism
  • This religion included taking care of nature and followed the teachings of a prophet named Zoroaster
  • There are still practicing Zoroastrians today, but the religion became less popular after the rise of Islam
  • Muslims split into 2 branches after that, the Sunni and Shia
  • As Europe began industrializing, the Middle East fell behind technologically.
  • That was until the internal combustion engine was invented.
  • The engine ran on oil as opposed to coal and Iran was rich in oil
  • there's so much oil here
  • Oil was in high demand and Iran supplied it