Force and motion
Updated: 11/13/2020
Force and motion

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  • What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces?
  • Any Questions, class?
  • What are some examples of both?
  • Balanced forces are equal in size and in the opposite directions. Unbalanced forces are the opposite of balanced forces. They are not equal but are applied in the opposite direction
  • Imagine 4 kids are playing tug of war, but it's not evenly split on each side. That is an example of an unbalanced force because the force isn't equal on both sides of the rope. The 3 kids together have more strength than the 1 kid by himself, therefore the force is unbalanced
  • If you want the force to be balanced you have to move one of the kids from the left over to the right. Since there are 2 kids on each side that are around the same size, the force is equal and balanced.
  • On Thanksgiving when you break a wishbone the force can be balanced or unbalanced. If one side of the force is stronger than the other it will be unbalanced. If both sides use the same amount of strength the force will be balanced.
  • Have a nice rest of your day! and don't forget to think about the balanced and unbalanced forces around you