The Quality Of Mercy - Assignment
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Quality Of Mercy - Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Your Majesty, my client is willing to offer thrice the amount he lent in place of a pound of his flesh.
  • Mr. Shylock, do you accept the granted sum?
  • No Your Majesty. I am an ardent believer of the law and want the bond to executed. 
  • Ok Your Majesty. So be it. I insist that a doctor be present in court during the execution of the bond. 
  • I agree with that. Mr. Shylock, do you have any objection?
  • Yes Your Majesty. There was no mention of any doctor in the signed bond. SO I DON'T ALLOW IT!
  • Mr. Shylock, are you adamant that the bond be executed? Mercy is a quality of Gods and given to the blessed. you have a chance to give it.
  • Mr. Shylock, do you want to grab this oppurtunity to give mercy and be the bigger person? 
  • No. I am adamant that the bond be executed and law and justice prevail. 
  • Ok. Let the bond be executed. But your majesty, I have a reminder for the court. 
  • I want to say that not a single drop of Antonio's blood should fall during the execution of the bond as the bond only asks a pound of flesh.
  • Yes, please say.
  • But your majesty, it was quite obvious that blood would fall in the process and Antonio still signed it.