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Washington's Presidency 2
Updated: 2/6/2020
Washington's Presidency 2
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  • Pinckney's Treaty
  • Open the New Orleans port to us and agree that the border is here.
  • Ambassador Thomas Pinckney
  • Spanish Officer
  • Fine!
  • Northwest Territory
  • Battle of Fallen Timbers
  • Washington sent Ambassador Thomas Pinckney to discuss the problem of the New Orleans port being closed to U.S. trade and the border of Florida problems. Finally because many people thought that America and England would go to war with them after signing Jay's Treaty, they agreed.
  • Treaty of Greenville
  • America was having a lot of conflict with the Native Americans over land. America wanted to expand, but the Native Americans said that it was their land. They went to war over this problem.
  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Taxes have been placed on Whiskey
  • The Battle of the Fallen Timbers was the last battle with America and the Native Americans. After this battle ended the small war, America got three new states including: Ohio, Illinois and Indiana.
  • Washington's Farewell
  • Goodbye my beautiful Country
  • The Treaty of Greenville stated that Native Americans can live on the land where America just expanded, if they do not fight. They will share the land, but it is officially America.
  • Taxes on whiskey were placed to help America's debt from the Revolution. Many people did not like this tax. People rebelled and protested. But The Whiskey Rebellion was mainly a 1794 uprising of farmers and other citizens in western Pennsylvania protesting the tax.
  • Taxes
  • Mindful of the precedent he would set for future presidents, Washington feared that if he were to die while in office, Americans would view the presidency as a job for a lifetime. Instead, he decided to step down from power, providing the two-term limit.
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