The Great Gatsby chapter 4
Updated: 6/3/2020
The Great Gatsby chapter 4

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  • "'Good morning, old sport. You’re having lunch with me to-day and I thought we’d ride up together...'"(73).
  • characters: Nick and Gatsbysetting: Nick's house
  • characters: Nick and Gatsbysetting: Gatsby's car
  • "And then came that disconcerting ride. We hadn’t reached West Egg village before Gatsby began leaving his elegant sentences unfinished and slapping himself..."(74).
  • I can't believe this is all true
  • I am an Oxford man.
  • 5 years before...
  • “'No, old sport, I’m not. But Miss Baker has kindly consented to speak to you about this matter'"(77).
  • characters: Nick and Gatsbysetting: out to lunch
  • "I insisted on paying the check. As the waiter brought my change I caught sight of Tom Buchanan across the crowded room"...(85).
  • oh where did you go, I was just having lunch with Mr. Gatsby
  • characters: Nick, Gatsby, and Tomsetting: out to lunch
  • you came to eat?
  • "'One October day in nineteen-seventeen' —— (said Jordan Baker that afternoon,"...(85).
  • characters: Nick and Jordan Bakersetting: tea garden (at the Plaza hotel)
  • what does Gatsby want me to know?
  • Gatsby
  • Daisy
  • characters: Nick and Jordan Bakersetting: Jordan is telling about Gatsby while driving through Central Park
  • "The modesty of the demand shook me. He had waited five years and bought a mansion where he dispensed starlight to casual moths — so that he could 'come over' some afternoon"...(90).