My Family History

Updated: 2/9/2021
My Family History

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A brief explanation of my mother's family history

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  • My grandma had my mother in Ghana on July 1, 1980. She is the youngest of 7 siblings. My aunt said she was a very active and goofy child who would play all day and never stop. She loved having many siblings and showed them much love!
  • My mom told me she grew up being well known for her academic excellence and kind heart. During school, my mom met a man named Samuel. Little did she know, this would soon be her husband. She also said after they graduated, they began to date.
  • After a long time of dating, my mother said they had a traditional engagement at Ghana. They then went to the UK to get married!
  • Once they got married, my mother says my father stayed in the UK and my mother moved to Canada. After a few years of taking a business major in the UK, my father moved to Canada. 
  • After a few years in Canada, my mother gave birth to my twin sister and I. My mom says we had to stay in the hospital for a bit but eventually everything was fine.
  • Now in 2021, she has 4 kids in a happy family of 6. We continue to develop our family history today as my cousins and I graduate, learn and get jobs in the future.