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Updated: 8/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • This is not what I ask for!!!!
  • Don't worry we will fixed this let me call the manager, for you.
  • Well first I am very upset with the service, I ask for the Saweetie combo, and they give the BTS one and I pay for this like ; I NEED MY FOOD!
  • I hope this doesn't happened a second time; Thank you. I would we waiting here.
  • Alright mam don't worry we would fixed it; I would not charged you anything I'mma be back with your food, ok! just give me a moment and we are so sorry for the inconvenience.
  • How can I help you today, mam.
  • Everything it´s ok now, I was just upset because why would I pay for something that I didn't even ask for. But no worries I would be back in another day, mistakes happens and I understand you guys are in a very rush days.
  • That would be awesome thank you so much; I would recommend this to all my friends. Have a great day, see you next time!.
  • Thanks for the compliment, because this accident happened I want to recompense you as giving you a 5% off , of any type of food you want to buy.
  • we are so sorry for the issue, but right know your food is very fresh , I hope I see for a next time , ENJOY!