do overs
Updated: 5/19/2020
do overs

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health class

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  • yea sure whats up
  • hey can we talk to you _
  • so we noticed that you keep leaving us out ignore us and it doesn't seem like you want to be are friends any more we would like to know whats up . are you ok do you want us to do something or need something
  • well..... oh we have to go
  • Is there something you would want to tell crystal to thalia or tell something to thalia to crystal ?
  • no i didnt you weren't even there to see, or hear the way that i talked to her .
  • 1 month later.
  • it was so embracing all my friends were there you yelled t me .
  • your daughter yelled to my daughter
  • her friends weren't even there it was just me and jahaira ,plus nobody probably noticed that we were talking.
  • how do you know my daughter yelled at your daughter ?
  • 1 hour later
  • somebody told me and my daughter didn't tell me because she didn't want it to be a drama
  • I guess i'm sorry i didn't mean to yelled at you .
  • ok . lets go crysta i think were done here.
  • 5 minutes later .
  • i mean it was embracing all my friends were there.