Pompeii storyboard

Updated: 5/20/2020
Pompeii storyboard

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  • Why is the ground shaking?!
  • Pompeii was a popular city and the Romans would go there during the summer months. Pompeii was settled in the 7th century B.C. It was settled by people who were called the Oscans. Over 20,000 people lived in Pompeii.
  • The city of Pompeii was built on the side of a mountain called mount Vesuvius. Pompeii was also located on one of the sides of the forum where they did their work. In Pompeii they had temples for their gods and even aqueducts and running water for wealthy people.
  • In 62 A.D. There was an earthquake that destroyed many buildings that took 17 years to rebuild. There were other smaller earthquakes also, but they were not as powerful as the on in 62 A.D.
  • Fun factsThe eruption actually happened one day after the festival for Vulcan the god of fire. The amount of energy released is more powerful than an atomic bombPompeii is 5 miles away from Vesuvius.
  • Little did the people of Pompeii know, Mount Vesuvius was an active volcano and those earthquakes were leading up to it’s eruption. Also they didn’t know that earthquakes could lead to any volcano’s eruption.
  • In 79 A.D. the eruption happened. The eruption covered the whole city in one million tons of ash and rock burying people alive. 16,000 people died and some people tried to flee but the eruptions were too fast.
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