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MacBeth Storyboard
Updated: 3/5/2020
MacBeth Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Lady Macbeth continues to make excuses
  • ??
  • Lady MacBeth asks the guests to leave; ghost leaves too
  • MacBeth acts even crazier this time around with the ghost and Lady MacBeth doubles down on her excuses claiming that MacBeth periodically has these sort of fits and that they are nothing to worry about. To keep the guests from asking questions, she warns them of what not to do during his fit.
  • MacBeth claims that he will find the witches to get answers
  • ??
  • Eventually, Lady MacBeth cannot control the situation and asks the guests to leave in order to spare herself and her husband. Coincidentally, the ghost leaves at this moment too and MacBeth starts to focus again. Lady MacBeth is definitely in more control than MacBeth is and shames him for his behavior.
  • MacBeth and Lady MacBeth retire for the evening
  • Macbeth decides that he will seek out the three witches to get more answers about his prophecy (it seems like part of him is hoping that they were wrong in their first prediction). Lady MacBeth tells him that he needs to sleep clearly calling into question his mental state/situation.
  • MacBeth and Lady MacBeth leave this scene in an entirely different way than how they both entered it. In the previous scene including the two of them, MacBeth is clearly in control of Lady MacBeth because he has become a man again (strong). However, at the end of this scene it seems that Lady MacBeth is now in control because MacBeth is unstable and fearful (not a man anymore).
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