Phase change
Updated: 3/19/2021
Phase change

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Storyboard Text

  • Hey Icy do you know how whe are going to phase change?
  • Of course and also let me explain it to you
  • So we liquid,solids and gases are made up by molecueles and thse molecuels help us form a shape so for example if a liquid is really cold the molecuel will etract each other and will not move .
  • Wait let me guess,when the the soild is really hot and melt but it will evaporate and turn into a gass.?
  • See now tou are getting it.
  • Oh no wind!
  • Uh Oh
  • Why is it getting hot
  • Oh no I think you are evaporating
  • NOOOOOooo...
  • well now what.?