Westward Expansion - 2nd Hour

Updated: 7/12/2021
Westward Expansion - 2nd Hour

Storyboard Text

  • We know the way to Oregon, just come with us and we'll take you there.
  • Move along!
  • We must get there before winter, we don't have time.
  • According to this square, it seems like we're covering a lot of area so far.
  • Mountain Men in Oregon CountyMountain Men were a bunch of skilled fur trappers who used those skills to live at and explore Oregon. They established forts and trails and led settlers across mountain trails into Oregon.
  • We were here first though!
  • This is US territory, leave or else.
  • The Oregon TrailPioneers traveled on a 2,000 mile trail west in 1843 from Independence, Missouri, walking 15 miles a day to beat the mountain snow. This trail led thousands from Missouri all the way to Oregon to settle in the west.
  • This is a great spot to create a city, it has all the resources we need to live!
  • Manifest DestinyManifest Destiny is the idea that the United States is destined by God to expand its territory and spread its democracy across North America. This was used to justify American beliefs and their expansion in the west.
  • There must be gold somewhere around here..
  • Mexican-American WarThe Mexican-American War was a two year war because the US refused to annex Texas. When the US gave in and allowed Texas to join, Mexico was angered and began war, but lost and a lot of land was taken in the west.
  • Mormons in UtahMormons established refuge in Utah, because of so much persecution of their beliefs. They took land from Native Americans, creating Great Salt Lake City, and expanded in the west and ends up becoming a state in 1896.
  • California Gold RushJohn Stutter found gold on his land, and when news spread, all sorts of people from the US came to mine gold. This caused thousands of people to travel to California and it expanded the west a lot after California joined the US.