All the wrong turns
Updated: 2/18/2021
All the wrong turns

Storyboard Description

Two campers get lost in the woods and their decisions on where to go lead them to a creepy house.

Storyboard Text

  • All the Wrong Turns - By Ella Sargent
  • G- Give thought to the problem
  • WHAT!
  • ... I think we're lost Daniel....
  • Then we should retrace our steps. Maybe that'll fix the problem.
  • R- Review Your Choices
  • Maybe I can call one Marissa. She always has her phone on.
  • We should retrace our steps. It'll be easier.
  • I don't have any bars to call Marissa.
  • A group of 5 were going on a trip into the woods. However, after looking at the directions to their campsite, Craig leads one group one way, Marissa and Nate going with him. But Kassandra and Daniel misheard and started going another way.
  • E- Evaluate the Consequences
  • Are you sure that's a good idea? We could get lost.
  • After a few minutes, Kassandra notices that the path disappeared, and there were different trees. She turns around and sees that their friends weren't following. They were nowhere in sight.
  • A- Assess/Choose the Best Choice
  • Kassandra pulls out her phone, thinking about calling the others. "Great." She huffs. "No bars.""Well, We should retrace our steps. That's all we can do." Daniel says, clearly angry.
  • T- Think it Over Afterward
  • Kassandra started to think. What would happen if they got more lost and it got dark? But what if they made it to the campsite safely? Daniel and Kassandra banter over some of the consequences.
  • I don't see you making any better ideas. Besides, it's getting dark.
  • After giving it some thought, Kassandra realizes staying lost in the woods wouldn't help their friends find them. They walk in silence, Daniel still mad as they walk.
  • ...
  • Fine. Let's go. It's not getting any brighter. But we need to walk fast.
  • They retrace their steps, and they find their friends at their campsite. Kas sits and thinks to herself. It was a good thing they decided to find the group, or it would get too dark and they'd still be lost.