french revolution
Updated: 12/20/2019
french revolution
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  • Meeting of Estates General
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • A meeting between the first, second, and third estate to discus the financial crisis so that each class can vote by order. This help France move towards democracy by giving more people a say in what happens.
  • The March on Versailles
  • off with their head
  • The third estate made King Louis XVI join to the National Assembly. In return they pledged not to separate until the constitution of 1791 was made.
  • The Rein of Terror
  • On July 14, 1789 the people of Paris went to Bastille Prison originally to gather weapons. This act started the revolutionary war.
  • The Raise of Napoleon
  • With the financial crisis still happening the bread prices went up, and people were getting hungry. This made many people unhappy especially women. 100's of women walked to Versailles to talk to the king.
  • we're hungry!
  • After the king had surrender and France becoming a republic they still had issues. So Robespierre created an organization to protect it. He put a guillotine and cut off anyone who use to be in good relations with the king and queen and anyone that spoke bad of the republic. Eventually this made people made and he got his head cut off
  • Now that Robespierre is gone France is still having a financial crisis! So a general named Napoleon decides hes gonna step in and make himself Emperor, Napoleon reforms the government and gets rid of a lot of Frances problems. Not only has he helped France but he took over a lot of Europe thanks to his many military successes.
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