It is a negotiation about the salary increase.
Updated: 2/11/2021
It is a negotiation about the salary increase.

Storyboard Description

Anna and William participate in this negotiation. 2. It is a negotiation about the salary increase. 3. The negotiation took place in an office of the company where Anna worked. 4. In that negotiation, the employee Anna wanted to increase her salary by 15%. And William, the employer, did not want to raise exactly 15%, he limited himself to a maximum of 12%. 5. In this negotiation, it was concluded that Anna will receive the salary with an increase of only 12%, as stated by the employer. 6. Anna was the employer and William the worker. 7. It's a simple bargaining tactic, "the tactic - that's all I have" I would say, because William had a relatively concrete proposal to increase Anna's salary. And to the end it was as William said, without changing his mind during the negotiation with Anna.

Storyboard Text

  • no no no you do not try tactic number eight on me I invented tactic number eight I'm not going anywhere. 
  • 1.Why don't you just take that pen and stab me in the heart? this is me, William, this is me!
  • 4.Okay, Anna, I can offer you a 12% raise but you have got to ask for 15%
  • 2.Anna, please you know why don't we just take a break...
  • 5.that's ridiculous I'm never honna...
  • 9.but you just said 15%...
  • 7.ah, so...all right Levinson here's the rub I would like a 15% rate
  • 6.just I just need you to ask for it so I can record that you asked for it okay?
  •, but we can offer you 12%
  • 10.Negotiation is an art back and forth give-and-take and today both Darryl and I took something higher salaries when win-win but you know life is about more than just salary, it's about perks.)))