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Updated: 11/12/2018
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  • I am Confucius and the qt.3.14 will friend zone you and date the jock because that is "The Way"
  • I am Laozi and this child is pursuing something out of his reach. He lacks knowledge
  • I can not believe the qt3.14 is hanging out with me
  • Hey Jin Wang you looking cute or whatever
  • HAhahah dab on em am I right
  • This child cant experience ecstasy ill be failing the job of the ruler
  • He should have accepted he is a 6 and she is a 9. He breaks the tao
  • This kid finna get dabbed on. He should have accepted the 2 point jump rule. Its just the way. She the Junzi of Women. I feel extreme ren for this child
  • Can we get an F in the chat boys
  • Next time do your homework and you wont have to experience the harsh side of the two handles
  • Man I got cut by a sharp cup. Maybe cuz I didn't do my homework
  • This child lacks filial pity because he disrespects his parents my not doing homework
  • this relationship breaks the tzu-jan
  • I am going to the washroom be right back
  • My philosophy of wu-wei says not to engage but i wanna make out with her but doing so isn't the li
  • all these philosophers are dumb. you have to keep you people without knowledge and this 6/10 is gaining to much from this 10 so I must kill him it is the way. The intellectual capacity of the people must me limited
  • DIe
  • where am I? Who are you boss?
  • poof
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