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mythology/ Pyramus and Thisbe story board
Updated: 9/25/2020
mythology/ Pyramus and Thisbe story board
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Storyboard Text

  • The parents of Pyramus and Thisbe forbid them from talking or seeing each other
  • You shall have nothing to do with Thisbe for I forbid it
  • You are not allowed to have anything to do with Pyramus ever!!!!
  • The two young lovers would meet at the chink in the wall at dawn and talk till dusk
  • ¨But at least you let us speak together. You give passage for loving words to reach loving ears¨
  • The young loves were tired of not seeing one another and hatched a plan where they could meet each other
  • ¨Why don't we slip out to the open country by the Tomb of Ninus so we can finally see each other¨
  • Thisbe arrived where they were to meet but no thisbe then she hears a rustle in the woods and out came a lioness
  • ¨Where is he and what is that sound¨
  • Pyramus gets to the tree and finds aa bloody cloak that belongs to Thisbe and he assumed she was dead so he decided to take his life
  • ¨It is I who killed you¨¨Now you shall drink my blood too¨
  • Thisbe comes back to find Pyramus dead and decided to take her life to be with him 
  • ¨your own hand killed you¨¨I too can can love. Only death would have had the power yo seperate us. It shall not have that power now
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