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Les Miserable-s
Updated: 2/19/2020
Les Miserable-s
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  • The roots of the French Revolution were first conceived in the 1780s with the emergence of revolutionary ideals formed in the Enlightenment, such as "liberty, equality, and fraternity." However, France was also plagued witheconomic troubles, the most prominent example being that the state had lost money in the funding of a series of wars.
  • get your own bread
  • In order to address this financial situation, King Louis XVI summoned the Estates General, which represented the entire French population through its three estates; the first consisting of the clergy, the second of the nobles, and the third of the commoners. The Estates General was called into session in May 1789 in order to authorize new taxes.
  • more money would be pretty nice, actually
  • However, Louis never controlled the assembly, and it faced considerable resistance from the third estate. Of the three Estates, the third made up 97% of French society. Voting took place by estate and not by individuals, which the third estate deemed as unfair. The commoners arrived at the palace of Versailles demanding political and social reform, but the debate that followed with the first and second estates remained fruitless for several weeks.
  • We demand reform!
  • but we demand it too
  • how about no
  • Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity!
  • Inequality in voting lead the third estate to secede from the Estates on June 17th, 1789. Meeting on a tennis court in the Palace of Versailles three days later, the new Assembly swore not to disband until they had established a new French constitution on the slogan of "liberty, equality and fraternity."
  • We won't go until we get some!
  • tennis
  • Afraid of the King’s resistance to the National Assembly, a Parisian crowd stormed the Bastille, a former prison that served as a reminder of the abuses of the monarchy, on July 14th, 1789. This date became known as the French Independence Day, and is widely recognized asthe “official” start of the French Revolution.
  • omg it's a commoner raiding this prison
  • HYAA!
  • News of the event quickly spread. The National Assembly was met with popular support, enabling the Assembly to pioneer political and social reform in France. The Assembly promulgated the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen in August 1789, promising the equality of all men (and as such, the abolition of feudalism) and individual rights to liberty, property and security.
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