Updated: 11/9/2018
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  • I am Laozi
  • I am Confucius
  • My philosophy is Confucianism. If people anger you, do not try to hurt them. Li is how you should interact with people. Be logical and negotiate. Be a Junzi, or a gentleman. Go by the filial piety, have respect for those who created you.
  • And I am Han Fei
  • What Do You Want!?
  • Monkey, you have not followed the ways of our philosophies. And by Ren, you have not done onto others what you want for yourself.
  • I don't care about your stupid philosophies!
  • My philosophy is Daoism. You are a monkey. You cannot change that so you must accept it. Practice Wuwei, or nonaction. Leave things as Tzu-Jan, or natural and Tao, or "The Way".
  • I am not a monkey. I am the great sage, equal to heaven!
  • My philosophy is legalism. 
  • Yeah, so what? What is your, oh-so wise advice? Be legal? Ha!
  • I will crush anyone that angers me!
  • No, monkey. Legalism is about the two handles. Keep your people ignorant and stupid, but give them consequences. That is your job as a ruler.
  • As if I care!
  • Very well.
  • What?!
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