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Uganda Tale : The creation of the world
Updated: 8/19/2020
Uganda Tale : The creation of the world
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  • Kabezya Mpungu created two humans, and had four children. Sun, Moon, Darkness, Rain. He gave them directions, and then planned to leave.
  • Kabezya Mpungu first asked the rain what he planned to do, the sun said he was going to pour until everything was under water, and Kabezya corrected him, he said “Do you think the people i created can live under water? You are to take turns with the Sun, once you've freshened the earth and allowed water for fruit to grow, let the sun come out. The Rain listened.
  • Next Kabezya asked the Sun what he planned on doing once he left, the sun said “to shine hotly and burn everything under me” Kabesya quickly corrected and said “How would my people then get food? When you have made the earth warm for awhile, give the rain a turn to refresh and help fruit grow.” The sun accepted.
  • Now, Kabezya Mpungu approached Darkness and asked what he was going to do once his father vanished, Darkness replied “I intend to rule forever!” The god, his father, said in reply to his child's demeanor “Do you want to condem my creatures, to see nothing of the world i made? Give the Moon time to shine, when you see the Moon in its last quarter, you may rule again” Darkness agreed. 
  • Finialy Kabezya decided it was time for him to go, all of his children now knew what to do while he was gone. Then there was Mutima, who was very sad and in search of the god, and as his children explained he had vanish Mutima decided she would bring great desire to each generation to seek god.
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