English 11 Memoir
Updated: 11/10/2020
English 11 Memoir

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  • It was a Thursday morning. I was at school talking to my friends, but little did I know my life was changed forever when I got home.
  • Hi girls!!
  • Hi Eva!!
  • Heyyy
  • When I got home all I heard were cries and my mom screaming as if something bad had happen
  • What is going on???
  • When I went into the living room I saw my mom on the phone with my grandma while she was crying. My entire family was in the room so I got nervous because I didn't what was going on.
  • What is going on?
  • I don't know, I just got here as well.
  • Grandpa just passed away...
  • As soon as I heard what my dad said I run up the stairs and locked myself in my bedroom.
  • How is this possible? I just talked to him a couple days ago. my heart aches so much.
  • *All of a sudden my sister barged into my room*
  • It had been a couple hours since I locked myself in my room. I was so devastated. He was my bestfriend. We did everything together.
  • Eva I'm so sorry. I love you so much and we're all going to be her for each other, but mom needs us right now
  • Okay... I'm coming.
  • We all tried to eat dinner but nobody wanted to eat. The rest of the night we all went into separate rooms and didn't talk.
  • Mom it's going to be okay. We're all here for you .
  • We all love you...
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